Tamars Back Treatment – #fibromyalgia

I must admit, I’ve been struggling for time recently what with running “Mental Health in the UK” at the weekends/evenings, working in my day job and trying to find the time to write a business plan via Business Gateway.  Luckily most of the stuff outside work I can hibernate at home, sit in my leisure gear and do in-between the odd nap!.

I have been experiencing a significant ‘flare-up’.  I guess I call it that because that’s what I found it was called online, I’m not entirely sure how I would describe it, so it fits for now.  The only way to try to relieve the symptoms has been to take extra pain medication, take more naps, try to lie as comfortably as possible, use ice-packs and in many respects keep busy even if it is sitting with my laptop.

What I have done in addition, which I’ve been meaning to do for about a year is book for some back treatment at Tamars.  Like many people I keep looking for different types of treatments that ‘may’ help to alleviate some of the symptoms.

Tamars is described as

TAMARS® stands for Technology Assisted Mobilisation And Reflex Stimulation and the device is constantly controlled by the therapist who alters the depth, pressure and time duration of the treatment depending on the needs and response of the patient. The device essentially becomes an extension of the hand but with far greater abilities.

As I have paid quite a lot over the years for various treatments, I decided to wait for a discount to come up on one of the discount sites.  So I’ve grabbed one and will be seeing them next week.

I’ll let you know how I get on.  In the meantime, I shall keep working on my Business Plan so that I can eventually work from home 🙂  When that day arrives, I shall be the happiest bunny on earth 🙂


People and #fibromyalgia

I think I’ll side step the sleep issue today. I will confirm though that my helper Melatonin has helped these past few nights, which is a blessing but still leaves me a tad groggy.

So, these last few weeks have been challenging, but when I think about it, the last 5 years of this condition have been challenging too. There’s one big factor that doesn’t bode well with conditions which leave you tired, exhausted, frustrated and fog brained.

Now more than ever I’ve found people in todays’ world less tolerant, less patient, less appreciative, less understanding, less willing to listen ‘properly’, more selfish, more self-opinionated, more egotistical and living in a self-contained bubble. There is never a day goes by where I come across people behaving in this way.

But not all is lost, I have people/pets around me who I love dearly, who do care, who in many ways see what I see changing in this world, who know, like me, to leave these people in their worlds. We know these people must be so shallow, so desperate to live by other people’s standards, desperate to be admired and looked up to. It’ll never stop for them because unlike some of us who are happy with our lot (well nearly, LOL), they have to keep behaving like that because it’s a drug. If they don’t get what they need from others then they fall apart.

So, while it’s a factor that doesn’t bode well because it’s just another added ‘thing’ to deal with, it is one we can let go of as soon as we close that front door at night.  It’s not something they can.

I can then be left to focus on me and my needs and my determination to try and get back in to a routine of mindfulness.

Another Melatonin tonight I’ve got a lot of sleep to catch up on.

Are other people important? #fibromyalgia

Obviously I don’t just mean ‘any’ others, I mean those special people in your life who you would call on in times of need. There’s a lot of talk at the moment in Scotland about long term conditions and peer support. In many ways peer support has been taking place online for many years now but has largely been unrecognised.

My own mental health recovery journey started in 1998 with peer support in the form of a website I created that still runs to this day. My communication, I found, was always so much easier online. By writing I was able to really share with others in a anonymous environment my deepest thoughts and feelings. I was able to listen, care and support my fellow avatars who I knew nothing about. What we had in common was all that mattered.  Stigma, judgements, opinions, criticisms etc. went out of the window.

Support online is everywhere now and I’m privileged to have been there from the beginning.

Peer support can indeed include those nearest and dearest to you, but for me it’s in a very different way. The biggest barrier is ‘being a burden’. Something I know all to well about with various situations I’ve been in with my husband.

So, will peer support take many forms or will it focus too much on specifics. I never saw my husband as my carer although as a label that’s what he was. But we were much more on equal terms than that so it’s not something I felt comfortable with.

Even though I am now in a different position again, I engage in support once again online in communities related to my condition. I work full-time and my husband works part -time so he can have the dinner ready in the evening and do some of the chores that I am unable to do.

He’s my companion in sickness and in health.

Repeat, repeat, repeat….. #fibromyalgia

I feel like a broken record, yet again sleep remains my utmost problem. Comfort remains elusive, I toss round one side, toss the other, legs back, legs forward, arms up, arms down, face forward, like on back, move to side, lie arm out of bed, crunch and swell hand by sleeping on it and so it goes on. Now I have burning heels, like fire exploding from within.

It’s never comfortable yet I go to work on auto-pilot. I am good at what I do and I don’t want to jeopardise that. Maybe I can learn to live on less sleep, who knows…..