Fog has descended | #fibromylagia #spoonie

A fog descends, all encompassing,
Suffocating and overpowering.
Eyes fair heavy full of sand
Head falls forward, unplanned.

Lost in space
Thoughts are scrambled,
Speech is lost
Completely rambled.

What to do
You cannot know,
There is no place
For fog to go.

Memory loss and disorientation are two of the most challenging symptoms of fibromyalgia. Suddenly not knowing where you are can lead to embarrassment or even panic.  Even more embarrassing is when you try to have a conversation and you have to stop mid-sentence, like instead of a comma, a full-stop has arrived, followed by &%$$^&()+@.  If I could implant a dictionary and thesaurus in my brain I’d could route around finding exactly what I need.

This is what 3 days of Fibro Fog do to you, lets hope it eases…………


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