Fibromyalgia and Vitamin D

Fibromyalgia and Vitamin D.

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When 20m doesn’t matter to the #DWP | #DLA #PIP #Spartacus

The recent decision to reduce the length people can walk in order to qualify for the new Personal Independence Payment is quite frankly disgraceful. Even to put a length at all really goes to show how backward human beings are in the understanding of how we move, why, the energies involved, the psychology and behaviours. 

When a condition has not touched someone it almost gives that person an excuse to be ignorant and dismissive.  I’m lucky that this decision doesn’t affect me but I do receive a different kind of support from the DWP and I wouldn’t be able to work without it. 

You see, just because I can walk doesn’t mean to say it’s comfortable. I truly never ever realised how much walking affects the whole body. Starting from the lower back, through all the muscle groups surrounding the spine, rib cage, shoulder blades and neck.  Less affected are the other smaller muscles and arms etc. 

Now that’s just walking; add in to that public transport, pushy people, uneven pavements, weather, baggage, co-ordination, balance, body fatigue, mental anxiety. 

According to the DWP and the government though it’s just your two legs and feet.

Tug of War | #Fibromylgia #spoonie

Each time I have a break from workImage I end up in a battle with myself.  I don’t have a good relationship with fibro as it is. Despite reading another blog on the positive changes that someone has had as a result of developing fibro I can’t see one thing that it’s made me see differently about.   But then I’d made a lot of    positive changes as a result of long-term mental health issues and was at the peak of health at the time fibro hit me.

The battle I have is that when off work ‘I live with Fibro’ whereas when I’m working and busy ‘Fibro lives with me’.  There is a very distinct difference here for me and that is how much control it has over me.  At home, it annoys me more, affects what I can and cant’t do, during the 9 or so hours I spend in bed at night it makes a very good job of letting me know it’s there.  There is no doubt I can get away from it when working, it does a good job of chasing me, but it doesn’t quite get as close.  Even when I work from home it doesn’t seem to have as much of a hold of me.

For me the importance of working is very clear, although it does help that I like what I do.  I’m very much looking forward to going back on Thursday, I’ve had enough of being at home even though I’ve enjoyed it. I need work as much as work needs me.  

Only one more day to go……