That’s exactly what I thought when I heard the term “Fibromyalgia”.  What on earth is it?  It’s been the bane of my life since 2008 after successfully recovering from mental health obstacles for most of my life previous to this.


At first I felt I was being punished and that my mental health had somehow morphed into this and wanted to be interference in my life in a different way.  I don’t think this thought has completely vanished, because just before my fibromyalgia symptoms started I had had a successful year of running 4 charity runs.  I was starting to train over the winter period of 2007/08 for the Edinburgh Half-Marathon and then ‘bam’.

I’ve seen various specialists;  Neurology, Orthopedic, Physio, Pain specialists, Lymphoedema Clinic, Dental hospital, Eye specialists,  CBT, massage,  Osteopath etc.

I’m on more medication that I’ve ever been.

Lastly this ‘thing’ really pisses me off and I need to let off steam about it because no matter what they say about pacing, management, letting go etc.  I really feel that’s all a load of nonsense.  How can something you live with 24/7, 365 days a year NOT piss you off!

So here it is………..my struggles with Fibro.

Mental Health

I work for Action on Depression, Scotland’s only national charity for depression.  I have worked in mental health in various capacities for over 20 years and some of my blogs will be about this very subject which I am very passionate about.

And for what it’s worth I’ve run the Mental Health in the UK Website since establishing it in 1998 and due to my condition I’m trying to set up a consultancy business where I can work from home at some point in the future:  MHScot Consultancy & Training Ltd  Please do pass on these details for anyone you think might be interested.

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