A new journey….

I had meant to write this a few days ago, but as usual, with so much to do, it ended up forgotten about.  I wanted to write this as soon as I had started by course I thought I’d better get on with it!

Anyway, it’s a new chapter for me.  I had mulled over doing some professional development for a while.  I already do a fair amount of self-study.  My brain likes it that way, even if it often interrupted with fibro fog.  There is little doubt that it’s a good distraction from chronic pain and I really love learning. (Watch my teachers faint if they ever heard wind of that!)  I do feel at times that I am making up for lost time and it’s probably true.  Despite my better efforts in my younger years it wasn’t until my 30’s that I caught up with myself.

So, I’ve decided to study a CIPD Foundation Certificate in Learning & Development.  It fits best with where I’m currently headed career-wise.  It’s going to help me grow my confidence and it’ll give me a valuable qualification that will help me to develop my business where my target audience is private/public sector businesses.

So, having registered a while ago, I officially start this week.  Most of it is open-learning with 2 two-day workshops in either Birmingham or London.  It’s very flexible and having looked at my study plan given to me by my tutor it looks great.

I started this particular blog on the back of a conversation on a Freelance Trainers Facebook Group that I’m part of.  I was asking if anybody else had done this course and someone wanted to know what it was like too.  So I suggested that maybe I should write about how I get on.

So, here it starts……………….