Fibro planning (#fibromyalgia)

I can’t believe how fast time has flown by in the last few weeks. Planning my holiday starts early, I had bags etc. out two weeks ago and each day I’ve done a little bit of packing. Now that it’s nearly time to go I’m nearly done. Here am I saying ‘I’, but in reality there is two of us, actually three if you include our wee budgie 🙂 My experience of men and packing definitely doesn’t go well, and he’s great at so much of the other stuff I don’t mind. If I let him pack we’d need a lorry!

As luck would have it, it’s always been in my nature to be really organised and now that I have Fibromyalgia it’s good that I am as most things need to be planned well ahead. The unpredictability alone is a real pain in the ass and you always find you do more on your good days to compensate for the bad.

As I get the final bits done before we leave on Saturday, I’m aware that an appointment will be in the post for a lumbar MRI on my return. Having significant numbness etc. has resulted in my GP wanting to have it checked out. As most other investigations have come back normal I’m not unduly worried, but you never really know….