When you can’t give it up #fibromyalgia #spoonie

There was a funny post on Facebook today which sums up a lot of us who persevere with long-term conditions.  This is via www.butyoudontlooksick.com; “Googling your symptoms when you don’t feel well is the most efficient way to convince yourself you’re dying”.   But you know what, most of us are not being stupid or silly.  At time we’re just a little bit desperate to find our more, but for me it’s usually about seeing if there is anything ‘new’ in the pipeline to help deal with and manage the condition.

There is the good side and bad side to searching on the internet, but as I have been online for many years, my knowledge and understanding has meant that I know what to look for and stick to the right sites that give me the right information.  In many was this makes is a bit more frustrating, because the reality is that with this condition all you can do is try to manage it.  There is no miracle cure, no miracle treatments, no miracle gadgets.

What I did find though is a treatment called Tamars which stands for Technology Assisted Mobilisation And Reflex Stimulation and is a hand-held device that delivers treatment to ensure the spine is functioning as close as possible to its optimal level.  I wasn’t going to expect a cure with this, but as I have scoliosis I thought it might help a little.   I also received the results back from the MRI I had on my lumbar spine and with another two disc bulges to add to the one in my neck it is certainly worth a go.

I’ve had 3 treatments so far, and it’s certainly painful, but if I can feel a bit more comfy I’d be happy with that.  The number of treatment is usually 6, so we’ll see how it goes.

Work has been extremely busy and my sleep has been poor, but I’m plodding on.   I’ve been attending some of the Business Gateway seminars for my new venture MHScot Consultancy and it’s going well.  I’m just doing a little bit at a time before registering with HMRC and finalising my Business Plan.  I’m spending a few hours each weekend working on the Training Pack that I’m developing for workplace mental health and it’s keeping me motivated.  I have always pushed myself to try to achieve the best I can, and despite all this, if I see something coming together it’s taking my mind off my symptoms and at times keeping me awake!  I started watching a training video and by just sitting there, I found myself nodding off.  As soon as I start to actively do something it stops me falling asleep.

Till next time…..

Tamars Back Treatment – #fibromyalgia

I must admit, I’ve been struggling for time recently what with running “Mental Health in the UK” at the weekends/evenings, working in my day job and trying to find the time to write a business plan via Business Gateway.  Luckily most of the stuff outside work I can hibernate at home, sit in my leisure gear and do in-between the odd nap!.

I have been experiencing a significant ‘flare-up’.  I guess I call it that because that’s what I found it was called online, I’m not entirely sure how I would describe it, so it fits for now.  The only way to try to relieve the symptoms has been to take extra pain medication, take more naps, try to lie as comfortably as possible, use ice-packs and in many respects keep busy even if it is sitting with my laptop.

What I have done in addition, which I’ve been meaning to do for about a year is book for some back treatment at Tamars.  Like many people I keep looking for different types of treatments that ‘may’ help to alleviate some of the symptoms.

Tamars is described as

TAMARS® stands for Technology Assisted Mobilisation And Reflex Stimulation and the device is constantly controlled by the therapist who alters the depth, pressure and time duration of the treatment depending on the needs and response of the patient. The device essentially becomes an extension of the hand but with far greater abilities.

As I have paid quite a lot over the years for various treatments, I decided to wait for a discount to come up on one of the discount sites.  So I’ve grabbed one and will be seeing them next week.

I’ll let you know how I get on.  In the meantime, I shall keep working on my Business Plan so that I can eventually work from home 🙂  When that day arrives, I shall be the happiest bunny on earth 🙂